Colorado Mule deer hunt


Families in the outdoors

It all starts in the winter. The process of drawing a tag in Colorado for Mule deer is overwhelming. Where are we going to hunt? What season? Etc..

My family hunts a lot together, and most of the time it is in archery season. However, my Daughter was struck by the fever at a young age. My wife and I took her on her first deer hunt when she was only 12. Since she could not pull a bow back with enough poundage to kill a deer, we decided that she should shoot a rifle.

The is when she developed a fever for chasing muley bucks in Colorado.

That season she ended up shooting a small buck that was running at about a 100 yards. The thing is, she hit him right in the heart.

A couple years later I talked her into drawing a unit that I grew up hunting. With only one day to hunt due to both of our schedules, we headed out into the mountains. Below you will see the video of her deer hunt and how she pulled off an amazing shot in high wind. The camera was on a tripod and it was hard to control.

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