Obsession Def-Con 6

Obsession Def-Con 6

The DEF-CON 6, featuring a patented two tracks FX 1 Cam,
has the PerFX DS System and the Anti Torque Roller Guard to reduce cam lean during the bow’s draw cycle and to increase speed.

The DEF-CON 6 is our most technologically advanced bow ever. This bow reaches speeds up to 360 FPS. The DEF-CON 6 is without a doubt, the smoothest, most vibration free speed bow you’ll ever shoot. Like all of our other bows, the DEF-CON 6 has a gracious valley and a rock solid back wall.  Others talk about bows that are smooth, but Obsession Bows delivers smooth with speed.
The  PerFX DS System allows the bow at full draw to have a solid back wall while eliminating cam lean. There has never been a speed bow that is as forgiving as the DEF-CON 6 with the PerFX DS System.

IBO Speeds up to 360FPS
ATA: 32 1/2” approx.
Brace height: 6”
Draw Weight 40, 50,60,65,70, 80lbs
Draw length: 26 1/2” to 30“
Physical Weight: 4.1 lbs Without Dampener
Let Off: 80%

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