New Breed GX2

New Breed GX2

Evolution of Archery

At New Breed Archery, they never stop evolving and improving on the design and efficiency of their bows. The new 2016 New Breed GX2 is made from the same titanium and stainless steel hardware as their other bows, making weather corrosion a thing of the past. The new Bionix 2.5 Two Track Cam System gives you the smoothest draw while still allowing maximum performance. Using limb stops for a rock solid back wall gives you the most consistent anchor point repeat-ability, shot after shot.

The fluted riser design is made with the highest quality aircraft grade aluminum that maximizes strength without adding unnecessary mass weight to the bow. The riser also features an extra rear stabilizer insert that lets you balance the bow to your individual needs, allowing you to achieve your best personal performance on every shot.

Whether making a longer shot in the woods, or shooting from a ground blind, the GX2 has a 32-inch axle-to-axle for maximum accuracy in the short bow category. Rounding out the innovation design is a two-piece limb pocket for maximum limb stabilization and alignment, a torque-less built-in grip and an all new for 2016 hybrid cable slide system. The New Breed GX2 has supreme accuracy, blazing speed and extra forgiveness needed

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