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Chuck Adams Super Slam Book review

Super Slam
By Chuck Adams
Review by Jodi Balazs
I have never dreamed of facing an Alaskan Brown bear with nothing but my bow and arrow, nor have I ever thought of taking every big game animal in North America – that is until I read Super Slam by Chuck Adams. Super Slam is a recount of Chuck’s tantalizing tales as he works his way into the record books as the first person to take all 28 North American Big Game animals with a bow. After reading Chuck Adam’s latest book, one realizes just why his name is synonymous with the sport of bow hunting. 
Chuck Adams is the reason I loved this book. He has used a mixture of luck, experience and a hunting prowess that one can only be born with to bag more official Pope and Young record book trophies than anyone else. Chuck Adams writes in a way that made me feel I was with him as he hunted Polar bears in the artic, Elk in Montana and moose in Alaska. He uses a mixture of adventure writing with how to knowledge to make this one good read.
I loved the story of when chuck was hunting Alaskan Brown bears. Between bad weather and over hunted bears, Chuck and his partner weren’t having any luck getting close enough to shoot. That’s when his friend decided to call them in with jackrabbit screams. It had worked on Black bears in Arizona, and with no other options left; they decided to give it a try. Chuck goes on to explain it, “Something moved 50 yards ahead. Larry froze, and electric prickles scampered across my scalp. I raised my glasses to look. The 10X view nearly knocked me off my feet. The chocolate brown bear with the light-colored nose was peering at us through the alders, his hairy head as large as a garbage can lid.” The call worked and now they were the one’s being stalked!!!! It just goes to show that in the game of hunting, anything goes.
It’s no wonder that with his focus, intensity and drive, Chuck has become a hunting legend. The book doesn’t give you any insight on his private life, but if you want to get pumped up for your next hunting adventure, this is the book to read. The book is a must have for bow and gun hunters alike. If you like to hunt, you have to read this book. Type the title here

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