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headshot300Welcome to Outdoor Product Review, we started in 2008 to provide you the consumer, with the best reviews of outdoor equipment that is out there. I’m Jason Balazs the Owner of OPR, and want to give you the best reviews possible. So stay a while and feel free the send an email to us to have us review something that you are thinking about purchasing, we will try are hardest to get it and put it to the test.

Jason Balazs


  1. Hi Jason, recently i’ve created and patented a new field dressing tool called the gut claw. Basically the gut claw takes the mess and nastiness out of field dressing deer, elk, bear, moose, hogs, etc. you can see the tool in action on youtube by searching gut claw, or on our web site http://www.gutclaw.com.
    I’d love to hear your feedback, and opinion on a tool we think will make field dressing wild game safer, and more enjoyable. Thx, Walt -Gut Claw

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